Church boat sale and rental

About boats

Our Rowing Boats

  • lenght 12 metres
  • weight 350 kilos
  • main material pine plywood
  • arch made of juniper or ash
  • sliding seats

Church boats are 12 metres long wooden rowing boats. One boats occupies up to 14 single oar rowers and a cox steering the boat. The boats are unique samples of Finish high quality caftsmanship. The name church boat reflecting the boat’s orgins, is commonly used in Finland, but it is also known as a big boat or a viking boat.


We rent church boats for rowing events, tourist groups, family celebrations, nature trekkings and other events.
Boats will be transported to desired location, life jackets included.


We also sell new and used boats, trailers, oars and other relevant equipment.
Please, ask for an offer.